12:46 | Fri | 28 April 2017

We are proud to share with you that "Karmela 2000" Ltd., as a manufacturer of confectionery products and Karmela Cookies, as a product of "Karmela 2000" Ltd., won the world prestigious award for innovation in the category "Small cookies" in the consumer sector of "Product of the Year".
What is innovative in Karmela Cookies?
"Karmela 2000" is the first Bulgarian producer of biscuits, type Cookies, which contains real Belgian chocolate! There is no professional in this field who does not know that Belgian chocolate is the masterpiece in the confectionery industry.
There is no analogue that preserves the integrity of the chocolate in the finished product in this form, while flavoring it and giving it a fascinating and gentle finish.
And it was this result that was achieved in the development of Karmela Cookies!

With the addition of 32% irresistible Belgian chocolate drops!
To ensure perfection!


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